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Water bottle: Choosing the best model


The need for water for the body is undeniable. It is involved in almost all vital processes – thermoregulation, digestion, blood circulation, metabolism, etc. Needed for the functioning of joints and the brain. Without it, immunity decreases, and skin, hair, and nails lose their natural shine. Nutritionists recommend drinking at least 2.5 liters of fluid per day, and on hot days – up to 3.5 liters. A device that helps control your water-salt balance is a reusable personalised water bottle. What types are there, what are the advantages, what to look for when buying. We talk about it in the article.

What it is

Reusable water bottles are something that will suit absolutely everyone. Designed for several years of regular use. Made from safe and durable materials. They consist of a bowl-body into which liquid is poured.

Why is it needed?

The water bottle you want to buy will come in handy in a variety of situations. While walking in a city park, playing sports, on long car trips, traveling and hiking, at work and school. You will especially appreciate its convenience in the spring-summer season, when the daily need for water naturally increases.

  • Buying reusable water bottles means solving several problems:
  • take a comfortable amount of liquid with you wherever you go ;
  • protect the drink from dust and environmental influences;
  • convenient to move the container in your hands, bag or backpack;
  • maintain cleanliness inside the container;
  • get a stylish accessory that is appropriate in any situation.


You can buy a liter water bottle not only for personal use. This is a useful gift for a friend who plays sports. A young mother walking with a stroller. For schoolchildren, so that from childhood they learn to drink a sufficient amount of liquid. For lovers of outdoor activities. And also for hunters and fishermen. The design of the container is very simple, but it has impressive advantages.

  • Compactness. The bottle is an elongated cylinder. It is roomy, but does not take up much space in your bag.
  • Safety. Designed for contact with food media. Consists of chemically inert components. Does not absorb colors or odors.
  • Hygiene. The surface is smooth inside and out. Does not retain bacteria and is not prone to the formation of fungi or mold.
  • Thoughtful ergonomics. There are non-slip pads and comfortable palm grooves. Does not fall out when running or from wet hands.
  • 100% tight. Closes securely. In case of accidental overturning or active shaking, it does not spill.
  • Modern aesthetics. There are bright models with elements made of colored plastic and silicone. Children’s bottles are decorated with themed patterns.


There are a huge number of bottles on sale. Small and big. Bright and laconic. Multifunctional and highly specialized. When choosing the best option, decide what products you need.

By design:

Adult water bottles have a classic design. Designed in neutral gray-beige tones. They also provide for division by color into male and female models. The first ones are more reserved – black, brown, blue, green. The latter are brighter – red, yellow, pink, orange.

The children’s water bottle has reduced dimensions. Decorated in a children’s theme. Patterns in the form of animals, plants, insects, as well as elements from space, water and other themes are applied to the surface.

A collapsible water bottle is a special container that, when filled, takes on a traditional shape. And when folded, it rolls into a compact roll. Convenient for hiking and storage in the car glove compartment.

By function:

Transparent water bottles are a simple design made of food-grade plastic or glass. They store water and any other liquids at room temperature for 4-6 hours. Used stationary and for transportation.

The thermos water bottle is a more complex type. Involves a vacuum device that allows you to store and move hot liquids. For example, boiling water for tea or baby food.

Hydrogen water bottle is a special type. This is a whole technical device. Converts ordinary water into hydrogen-saturated water through the process of hydrogen synthesis. We talked in more detail in the article .

By purpose:

The water drinking bottle is universal. First of all, it is purchase to always have a supply of clean liquid on hand to quench your thirst. If desired, you can pour other cold and warm drinks inside.

The sports water bottle is adapt for use during training. It has an ergonomic surface and anti-slip textured elements.

The travel glass bottle is generally similar in design to the previous version. It is often accompanied by a fabric or leather strap for easy movement. Can hung on your shoulder or wrist.

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