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Spirit WiFi Services: A Guide for Staying Connected


In Today’s connected world, staying online during a flight has become essential for many passengers. Whether for work, entertainment, or keeping in touch with loved ones, if-flight WiFi can significantly enhance your flying experience. Spirit Airlines, known for its budget-friendly flight fares, has started rolling out WiFi services across its fleet. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding Spirit Airlines WiFi services: availability, pricing, and how to make the most of it. 

Overview: Spirit Airlines WiFi Services

Spirit Airlines began introducing WiFi services to its fleet in 2019, aiming to offer connectivity across most of its flights. This move aligns Spirit with other major airlines, allowing passengers to stay connected at 35,000 feet above the ground.

Current Availability

Spirit Airlines is progressively installing WiFi on its aircraft. While only some planes in its fleet are equipped yet, the number of WiFi-enabled planes is steadily increasing. It’s advisable to check the WiFi availability for your specific flight during the booking or in the flight details closer to your departure date. 

How To Access Spirit WiFi Services?

Following the stepwise procedure highlighted below, the passengers can easily access Spirit Airlines WiFi services. Let’s take a look:

  1. Once you board the aircraft, ensure your device is in airplane mode. Enable WiFi on your device.
  2. Look for the ‘Spirit_WiFi’ network and connect to it.
  3. Open the preferred web browser. You should be automatically redirected to the Spirit WiFi portal. 
  4. Select a WiFi plan that suits your needs and follow the prompts to complete the purchase. 

Spirit WiFi Plans and Pricing

Spirit Airlines offers several WiFi plans to cater to passengers’ needs, from basic browsing to more data-intensive activities like streaming. The pricing structure can vary depending on the flight duration and the specific services offered. Here’s the general idea of what you might expect:

  1. Basic Browsing Plan:
  • Price: Approximately $6.50 to $10
  • Includes: Basic web browsing, email, and social media access
  • Best For: Passengers looking to stay connected for essential online activities without heavy data usage. 
  1. Streaming Plan:
  • Price: Approximately $10 to $20
  • Includes: All basic browsing capabilities with streaming services
  • Best For: Passengers who want to watch videos, stream music, or engage in more data-heavy online activities. 

Tips for Maximizing Your In-Flight Spirit WiFi Experience:

Consider the following tips for maximizing your In-Flight Spirit Airlines WiFi Experience:

  1. Check Availability:

Before your flight, check whether WiFi will be available on your aircraft. You can usually find this information during the booking process or by contacting the Spirit Airlines Customer Service number +1 (855) 502-0002.

  1. Pre-Purchase WiFi Services:

Sometimes, Spirit Airlines allows you to pre-purchase WiFi access when booking your flight. This can sometimes offer a discount compared to purchasing it on the plane.

  1. Optimize Your Device:

Make sure that your devices are fully optimized through these aspects:

  • Update Apps: Ensure all your apps and software are up-to-date before your flight to avoid large downloads in the air.
  • Download Content: To save on data usage, you can pre-download movies, music, or documents you might need during the flight. 
  • Battery Life: Charge your devices fully before the flight and bring a portable charger, as WiFi can drain your battery quickly. 
  1. Use Low Data Mode:

Many devices offer a low-data mode, which can help reduce the data they use. This is particularly useful if you’re on a basic browsing plan. 

Common Issues and Troubleshooting:

While utilizing the Spirit WiFi services, the passengers may need help with common issues. We are highlighting some issues along with their troubleshooting methods to enjoy WiFi facilities to the fullest:

  1. Connection Problems:

If you’re having trouble connecting to the WiFi, try the following measures to resolve:

  • Sometimes, simply restarting the device can resolve connection issues.
  • Turn Off WiFi, wait for a few seconds, then turn it back on and reconnect to Spirit_Wifi.
  • Clearing your browsing cache can help if the portal page isn’t loading properly.
  1. Slow Speeds:

Flight Spirit, WiFi speeds can vary based on the number of users and the activities being performed. If you experience slow speeds, follow the troubleshooting steps highlighted below:

  • Limit the number of connected devices by disconnecting the devices not in use. 
  • Save high-bandwidth activities like streaming when fewer passengers are likely to be online. 

Future of Spirit WiFi Services:

Spirit Airlines is committed to expanding and improving its WiFi service. The airline is continually working on equipping more of its aircraft with WiFi and enhancing the overall connectivity experience for passengers. This includes potential future upgrades to bandwidth and service quality to ensure a seamless in-flight internet experience.

Alternatives to In-Flight Spirit WiFi  Services:

While in-flight WiFi is convenient, there are other ways to stay entertained and productive during your flight:

  1. Offline Entertainment:

Load your e-reader or bring a paperback.

Download your favorite podcasts and playlists for offline listening.

Pre-download shows and movies from streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  1. Work Offline:

Download any documents you need and draft emails offline to send once you have connectivity.

Utilize offline applications, such as note-taking apps and productivity tools. 


Spirit WiFi service is a valuable addition to its offerings, enhancing the travel experience by keeping passengers connected while in the air. Whether you need to catch up on work, stay in touch with friends and family, or entertain yourself, Airlines WiFi options provide the flexibility to meet your needs. As the airline expands its WiFi capabilities, passengers can look forward to more robust and reliable in-flight internet services. Understanding how to access and make the most of these services can ensure a more enjoyable and productive journey with Spirit. 


  1. Does Spirit Airlines offer WiFi on all flights?

Spirit Airlines is progressively installing WiFi in its fleet, but not all aircraft are equipped yet. To check if your specific flight will have WiFi, you can review the flight details during booking or contact Spirit Airlines Customer Services closer to your departure date. 

  1. How do I connect to Spirit Airlines WiFi?

To connect to WiFi services, follow the steps highlighted below:

Enable Airplane Mode → Turn on WiFi → Connect to the ‘Spirit_WiFi’ network → Launch Web Browser → Select and Purchase the suitable WiFi plan.

  1. What are the available WiFi Plans and their prices?

Spirit Airlines offers different WiFi plans based on your needs:

  • Basic Browsing Plan:

Approximately $6.50 to $10, suitable for basic web browsing, email, and social media access

Best For: Passengers looking to stay connected for essential online activities without heavy data usage. 

  • Streaming Plan:

Approximately $10 to $20, suitable for all basic browsing capabilities with streaming services.

Best For: Passengers who want to watch videos, stream music, or engage in more data-heavy online activities. 

Prices can vary depending on the flight duration and specific service offerings.

  1. Can I purchase WiFi before my flight?

In some cases, Spirit Airlines allows passengers to pre-purchase WiFi access during the booking process. This option may offer a discount compared to buying WiFi onboard.

  1. Is there a data limit on Spirit Airlines WiFi?

WiFi plans typically come with usage limits based on the type of plan you purchase. The basic plan supports activities that require less data, while the streaming plan allows for higher data usage.

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