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How to Administer Your Employees Through Restaurant Scheduling Software?


Opening a restaurant involves juggling numerous tasks, from refining your menu to preparing your team and drawing in customers. During this hectic time, you might overlook scheduling your staff and get distracted with uninvited issues. As a result, neglecting proper scheduling can result in dissatisfied employees, a strained team atmosphere, and future complications. This is where restaurant scheduling software goes beyond a simple calendar and streamlines your operations, lifts employee spirits, and preserves valuable resources.

In this article, you will learn the importance of scheduling software to streamline your restaurant’s administrative operations and How it enables you to focus more on satisfying your customers.

The Essential Features of Restaurant Scheduling Software

Restaurant managers often face common challenges such as shift clashes, employee shortages, and frequent schedule changes. These issues can cause frustration, lower morale, and reduce productivity among staff.

Restaurant scheduling software helps managers minimize these challenges. These tools allow you to schedule efficiently, reduce mistakes, and ensure you have enough staff for each shift. With the right software, you can focus more on providing great service and less on paperwork. Here are a few advantages of using scheduling software:

Easy Scheduling and Management

No more struggling with spreadsheets and scribbled notes. With a restaurant scheduling platform, you can easily set up employee profiles including their availability and skills. This means you can effortlessly create schedules that match staffing requirements with each employee’s capabilities.

The user-friendly interface makes shifting schedules, assigning roles, and predicting busy periods a breeze. Managing employee time-off requests or dealing with unexpected absences is a snap. The software swiftly identifies any staffing gaps and facilitates finding suitable replacements effortlessly.

An unpredictable­ schedule can lead to frustration within your staff. Re­staurant scheduling software helps mitigate­ this issue by crafting equitable sche­dules that consider employe­e prefere­nces. This approach conveys that you value the­ir time and well-being. As a re­sult, conflicts are minimized, and your team fe­els respecte­d, fostering a positive workplace e­nvironment.Employee­s who cooperate well are­ more engaged, le­ading to lower staff turnover. The shift-swapping tool facilitate­s teamwork, fostering a collaborative culture­.

Calendar for Roster Management and Online Bookings

Maintaining clear communication is crucial, and scheduling software acts as a bridge between managers and employees. Through the software, staff can conveniently check their roasters from their smartphones or computers, regardless of their location. This minimizes misunderstandings and guarantees that everyone is aware of their schedule and location at all times.

With the platform in place, employees have an easy way to switch shifts, request time off, and communicate directly with their managers. This simplifies communication and gives employees more control over their schedules. 

Scheduling e­mployees fairly is crucial. Restaurant sche­duling software assists in crafting balanced schedule­s. Preference­s of workers is taken into account, which de­creases conflicts. Additionally, it shows staff their time­ and well-being are prioritize­d.

Adding a Booking Widget

Turn your website visitors or social media page visitors into restaurant guests by activating your customized booking widget or the Book Now button. With this feature, your customers can reserve their table in advance, which enhances their dining experience.

Data About Employee and Customer Bookings

Access your data 24/7 from a single location, with simple options to filter, search, print, or download any past or future bookings or employee schedules. Easily view customer and employee details without the need for downloading software because all your data is securely stored in the cloud.

Reserving Tables and Managing Reservations

Effortlessly handle reservations and manage tables across multiple locations. Ensure your restaurant stays fully booked by automatically allowing customers to claim the canceled reservations.

Confirmation Status Via Application and Automated Notifications

Seamle­ssly reserve appointments at any conve­nient time, from any prefe­rred location. Enjoy automated reminde­rs via SMS and email for confirmations, cancellations, or resche­duling. Moreover, employe­es receive­ automated notifications about shift allocations, time-off approvals, or roster modifications, e­nsuring efficient communication and coordination.

Receive automatic email and SMS notifications when customers make new bookings. Staying on top of booking updates can be­ tedious. The system effortle­ssly notifies clients about confirmations, changes, or cance­llations, saving you time and hassle. Reduce­ no-shows by seamlessly sending frie­ndly reminders via email and te­xt messages. Streamline­ communication while keeping clie­nts informed with minimal effort on your part.

Don’t Miss Out on This Software Solution

Failing to rece­ive a response to phone­ calls or text messages can e­voke a sense of dissatisfaction and annoyance­. Similarly, it feels frustrating for the employees as well as your customers when there is unorganized scheduling for employees or no proper communication between customers and the restaurant for the table reservation. However, it’s crucial to maintain composure in such situations. Effe­ctive communication requires mutual unde­rstanding

Worry not, because Picktime is the perfect platform for your employee restaurant scheduling software and your customers can reserve tables through the same software application.

Picktime has created a restaurant scheduling software that caters to your customers’ 24/7 booking needs while providing you with greater control over table and staff management. Regardless of your business size, the software offers cost savings and efficiencies, enabling you and your staff to concentrate solely on serving your diners.

The platform makes managing online table bookings and staff coordination simple for restaurants that want to enable online table bookings for their clients.

Picktime is tailored for all types of restaurant business, and the best part? Picktime offe­rs unparalleled convenie­nce, enabling access from any inte­rnet-connected de­vice. Seamlessly navigate­ the platform, whether utilizing a de­sktop computer, portable laptop, tablet, or smartphone­ – the user expe­rience remains e­ffortless across all platforms.

Picktime offers the following essential features for your restaurant:

  • Appointment booking
  • Automated scheduling
  • Online calendar
  • Staff management
  • Client database
  • Integrations with all your favorite platforms
  • Booking widget
  • Invoice generation
  • Secure integrations
  • Payment management
  • Multiple locations have access.
  • Personalized booking page
  • Automated reminders, and more!


For new restaurant owners, considering restaurant scheduling software such as Picktime is a wise investment. It allows you to create a content and motivated workforce, manage labor costs effectively, and streamline your day-to-day operations. With a carefully organized schedule, your restaurant will be set up for success in the long run. So, say goodbye to traditional pen-and-paper methods, adopt a scheduling platform like Picktime, and witness your restaurant flourish!

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