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How Much Will Double Glazing Cost You? Find Out in Seconds with Our Calculator


Want to replace your vintage, draughty home windows with new double glazing? I guess you’re questioning the cost. Double glazing prices can be everywhere on the map. It depends on a gaggle of factors. But do not stress – our easy calculator will come up with a quote in seconds. Easy peasy!

In this manual, we’ll give an explanation for the entirety you want to recognize approximately double glazing prices right here within the UK. We’ll communicate approximately the things that alternate the fee, give you a few common fees, and show you a way to use our double glazed windows cost calculator. Let’s get started out!

Why Get Double Glazing? Here’s What’s in It for You

Before we jump into numbers, let’s talk approximately why double glazing is a smart circulate:

1. Lower Energy Bills

Old unmarried-pane home windows let out warmness in winter and allow in too much solar in summer. Double glazing provides insulation to keep you comfortable and curb your energy bills. Ka-ching!

2. Less Noise

Live someplace loud? Double glazing muffles out of the door noise so you can kick back in peace.

3. Better Security

Double glazed windows are more difficult to interrupt than regular ones. Lots have fab locks too. Bye-bye burglars!

4. Boost Your Home’s Value

Buyers love double glazing. It may want to bump up your own home’s fee tag. Winner!

What Makes Double Glazing Cost More or Less?

Okay, let’s communicate cash. Double glazing can price anywhere from about £2,000 for a little flat to over £20,000 for a massive house.

Here’s what affects the rate:

1. Number of Windows

More windows = higher cost. No wonder there!

2. Window Sizes

Bigger home windows want more stuff to make them and take longer to install. So they value it more.

3. Window Styles

You’ve got masses of double glazing styles to choose from. Some are fancier (and pricier) than others.

4. Frame Materials

The most commonplace body alternatives are uPVC (most inexpensive), wooden (priciest), and aluminium (in the middle).

5. Glazing Extras

Want amazing duper glass that cuts noise, cleans itself, or controls the sun? It’ll cost ya extra.

6. Tricky Installation

Got quirky formed home windows or a vintage residence with special capabilities? Installation would possibly take more time and moolah.

7. Where You Live

Double glazing costs greater in posh places like London. Ugh!

Ballpark Double Glazing Costs within the UK

Here’s a rough concept of what you can anticipate to shell out primarily based for your pad:

  • Teeny 1 mattress flat: £2,000 – £four,000
  • 2 mattress terrace: £3,000 – £6,000
  • 3 mattress semi-indifferent: £5,000 – £nine,000
  • 4 bed indifferent: £7,000 – £15,000

These are just averages though. Your precise charge tag relies upon all the stuff we mentioned before. For a useless-on quote, use our calculator.

Our Double Glazing Calculator Is a Snap

Want a custom quote? It most effectively takes some clicks with our trusty double glazed windows cost calculator. Here’s how:

  • Pop for your postcode for nearby fees.
  • Pick your home type (flat, terrace, semi, or indifferent).
  • Tell us what number of bedrooms you’ve got.
  • Choose what number of home windows you want performed.
  • Pick your fave body cloth (uPVC, timber, or aluminium).
  • Fancy any extras like splendid quiet glass? Let us recognise.
  • Click “Get Quote” and boom – there may be your estimate!

Easy, proper? Once you’ve got your quote, you can dig into the deets and get a few trusty nearby professionals to give you a buzz.

Real Folks, Real Double Glazing Quotes

Wanna recognise what different people have forked out? Check out those real-life examples:

Anita’s 2-Bed Terrace

Anita’s were given a 2-bed terrace in Manchester. She changed 8 windows with bog-widespread uPVC double glazing, which include a bay window. The lot valued her £3,500.

The Singhs’ four-Bed Detached

The Singhs have a large 4-mattress indifferent in Guildford. They had 15 windows with fancy wooden frames and sound-blocking glass. Set them lower back £13,000. Ouch!

Steve’s 1-Bed Flat

Steve desired to improve his 1-mattress flat in Liverpool. He was given 4 regular uPVC windows put in for £2,100 all in.

See how the costs are distinctive for anyone? Use our calculator to take care of what yours might be.

Get Top Notch Double Glazing For Your Dosha

Cost topics, but it shouldn’t be the simplest factor you think about. Quality, power, financial savings, security, and looks are essential too.

Follow these suggestions to get a exquisite deal:

  • Go for desirable high-quality frames and glass with a purpose to remain.
  • Pick a depended on seasoned who gives ace warranties.
  • Choose energy efficient options to shop ultimately.
  • Get home windows that shape your pad’s fashion.
  • Don’t be shy – haggle for the fine charge!

At the give up of the day, double glazing is a massive preference. But with the proper information, you can make a clever selection that can pay off for a donkey’s years.

Give Our Double Glazing Calculator a Go!

Desperate to realise how a good deal of new double glazing will set you back? Try our brief calculator now. In a be counted of seconds, you may have a custom quote to help you price range and start buying around.

Remember, there is extra to it than just the fee tag. By choosing top drawer windows and a relied on installer, you’ll get all the perks we mentioned for yonks.

Got questions or need a hand? We’re constantly here to assist. We want each UK homeowner to make a clued-up preference about their double glazing.

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