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Gray Fireplace in the Living Room interior


Installing a fireplace insert in a private house or apartment is possible not only for the purpose of primary or additional heating of the room, but also as an original design solution.

Gray fireplaces in the interior look especially elegant when the hearth is properly combined with furniture, decoration, textiles and lighting.

Features of a gray interior

When using a fireplace in gray tones in a similar interior style, it is important to consider the following color nuances:

  • the predominance of dark gray colors in the design gives the residential property excessive gloom and severity, visually reducing the amount of free space;
  • gray color goes harmoniously with neutral white, brown or black shades;
  • attention to individual details can be accentuated with bright inclusions, with red or orange. Which especially stand out against the background of neutral tones.

The bright color of the flames in the hearth gives a special charm to a gray living room with a fireplace.

Why choose gray color when decorating premises?

The popularity of living rooms with a fireplace in gray tones is explained by the peculiarities of psychology. The use of this shade strengthens self-confidence, pragmatism, and promotes the development of intellectual abilities. Psychologically, this neutral color is associated with a feeling of peace of mind. Harmony with the environment, and a safe stay in such a room.

It is also possible that there are some negative aspects when the monotony of the shade causes melancholy. Fatigue, reduces creativity, and increases depression. To reduce the influence of negative properties, you can decorate the room in light shades of gray. Then the style is comfortable for quiet rest and relaxation.

Current shades

In modern conditions, designers offer different design methods, using pearl gray, metallic, ash. Linen and other tones, with changes in color gradation and other features. A special freshness is characteristic of silvery shades, with a stylish and solemn appearance of such an interior. For lovers of calm and tranquility, light colors are appropriate.

The finish in matte graphite, devoid of excessive shine, looks very effective. This design method is in harmony with chrome elements.

Combination with furniture

Equally important is the choice of furniture, which should provide a beautiful design effect without compromising functionality. Installing a bed in the bedroom with this color scheme will give the interior a mysterious eclecticism. And the fireplace insert will warm you with the warmth of a living flame.

Massive leather armchairs, upholstered in black, white or brown tones, look appropriate with the fireplace in the room. Above the portal you can hang a wooden or metal shelf, designed in harmony with the rest of the interior.

Note! Furniture should be placed so that these items do not clutter up the room and maintain a free view of the hearth without interfering with admiring the flame.

Portal design

One of the most important conditions when using a gray fireplace in the living room interior is the harmonious design of the portal. Depending on the stylistic conditions of the room, the frame of the firebox can be finished with tiles, plain tiles, or a strict finish can be maintained so that the heating device stands out only with a bright orange flame against a flat background.

Possibilities for additional decoration

Taking into account the stylistic features, appropriate textiles and additional accessories are selected for a room with a fireplace insert, decorated in gray tones. Decor can add bright touches to a monotonous finish, highlight individual areas, and eliminate some negative aspects.

For example, if you hang translucent curtains in light colors. Light will freely penetrate the room, which will refresh the interior. When using thick curtains, you can shade the room, blocking access to direct sunlight.

To correct geometry defects and visually replenish the volume, it is appropriate to use mirrors. You can personalize the design by hanging family photographs and paintings on the walls, including above the fireplace insert portal.

Which fireplace model to choose?

Depending on the configuration, volume of the room, ceiling height, execution of building structures, style and other conditions, in a room with a predominant gray design, it is possible to use the following models of fireplace inserts according to the installation method:

  • wall-mounted – the traditional option when the hearth is placed along the wall; looks good in rooms with a large area; the firebox can be finished with natural or artificial stone, ceramic tiles; for a decorative effect. It is convenient to place nearby beautiful accessories made of metal or ceramics that can safely withstand prolonged heating;
  • built-in – given their compactness, these models are suitable for use in apartments. The configuration of the hearth excludes a mantel and a massive portal, which limits the possibilities of decoration, but the rigor of the style gives a special charm. In order for the fireplace to stand out, its shade must differ from the general tone of the room;
  • corner – a practical option that does not restrict freedom of movement around the room and saves free space; chimney structures can be planned along any of the walls facing the portal;
  • island – in this case the firebox is placed in the center of the room as a free-standing device; suitable for large rooms with high ceilings, with a discreet and laconic finish.

Whatever design the owner chooses, a gray fireplace in a similarly designed interior does not look at all boring, as it might seem at first glance. With this method of decoration, the style of the room pacifies. Sets you in a calm mood, for comfortable relaxation and coziness. And the bright flame in the hearth sparkles like a magic flower against the plain background of the surrounding decoration.

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