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Dubai Curtains Trendy Ideas for a Small Dubai Apartment

Dubai Curtains and blinds are a key decorating layer. They don’t just control natural light or temperature. In fact, they can complete the feel of a space, build a certain atmosphere or even make the space seem big or small. Yes, you can make your small apartment feel very trendy and look bigger using the right window Dubai Curtain.  

Make Your Space Look Larger

While you can call this a trick, it is simple, trendy and very effective. Rather than starting at the window frame, fasten the Dubai curtains or blind rod higher – as near the top of the ceiling as you want/can go. If you wish, you can do that for the width too, that is, extend the curtain rod beyond the window edges on the sides.

Opt for Same Color Family

Choose the color of your Dubai curtains as close to the wall color as possible. This will give a small room a more unified appearance, as there will be no ‘break’ for the eye (which a contrasting color can do).

Blinds for Smaller Windows

If your apartment is small and the window does not extend all the way down, it might be a better idea to invest in a blind, like roller blinds, rather than a Dubai curtain. Then, the space under the window can be used efficiently and easily in a stylish room, while still having the necessary insulation.

Add Stripes

For a modern yet spacious look, go for striped window curtains – maybe for the corner office. They will not only make the area look modern but also spacious.

Create an Impact

Add a dose of chic to the bedroom by hanging curtains or drapes behind your bed. The best part is that there doesn’t necessarily have to be a window there. However, it will certainly make an impact from the design point of view in a small apartment.

Put Up Tasteful Divisions

Doors can sometimes disrupt the physical and aesthetics flow and other times, you might not have doors, like in a studio apartment. So everything might look messy. Use Dubai curtains to ‘divide’ your apartment strategically and hang window curtains to create partitions. These might not be as ‘solid’ as doors but will add some sparkle to the place. Plus, these will also give you some privacy if needed by separating the different areas of the apartment, for example when you have company.

How to Choose the Right Curtain Length for Your Dubai Home

When it comes to selecting the ideal Dubai Curtain, many individuals overlook the drapes’ length. Many individuals believe that everything but the color, fabric, and design of the curtains are minor details that can be worked out later. However, curtain length is a crucial factor in determining the mood of a room. Want to know what works best for each room and window in your Dubai home? Scroll down to read on!

At the window sill.

While usually curtains are longer than the sill (the bottom part of a window), in some cases it is more practical to maintain them the same length as the window. Roman blinds of this length make excellent kitchen curtains because their distance from the counters prevents them from accidently catching fire.

Below the apron.

Window curtains that reach just below the apron are no longer generally popular, but have made a name for themselves in the “indie” community. Sheer drapes of this length are great for short and ocular windows, and they smoothly enhance the appearance of an art studio. You might also use curtains of this length in corridors.

Hovering over the floor

Curtain lengths that end just an inch or two above the floor are an old classic that look wonderful in formal situations. However, adding a few inches of space between the floor and the hem of your curtains will look strange, especially if the trim of your floor moulding is not hidden.

Brushing the floors

Window curtains that only brush the floor are ideal for a clean, minimalist look. Drapes of this length are also ideal for hiding stained wall mouldings.

Breaking at the hem

You’d be shocked to learn that drapes that “break” (or bend slightly) at the hem are quite trendy these days. These drapes are only a few inches longer than the fabric needed to reach the floor and offer a relaxed touch, making them ideal for bedroom curtains.

Puddling on the floor

Dubai Curtains are too long for the floor, causing puddles at the bottom. The end effect is a sumptuous appearance, but they are more difficult to maintain since you will need to clean the curtain fabric that scrapes against the floor more frequently, and the puddles must be carefully arranged so that they do not appear messy.

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