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Dressing code for Griha Pravesh Puja: Simple and Traditional Outfits

Griha Pravesh Puja, or the Housewarming Ceremony, is said to be one of a family’s most essential and beautiful memories. A new home brings new feelings, cultures, and peace. 

To maintain this peace, we must conduct a this puja before entering the home. 

In our Hindu religion, conducting this Griha Pravesh Puja is important before living in a new home with significance and beauty. 

Starting our day with spiritual guidance and starting our new journey with significant guidance is an essential element for devotees.

What is Griha Pravesh Puja?

Griha Pravesh Puja is a housewarming ceremony conducted before entering a new house. It is an essential ritual that every Hindu must follow for a beautiful journey. Indians are very concerned about shifting times and places compared to the muhurta. 

Moreover, a suitable muhurat to shift to the new place needs a puja for the family’s positive aspects. Griha Pravesh Puja is conducted to bring peace and spiritual existence to the home before shifting. 

The time and place are generally decided according to the astrological charts of the family and the homeowner. The priest chooses the time according to his astrological aspects for the new, spiritually positive, comfortable family accommodation.


Puja is considered a mandatory part that releases negative energy and maintains the place’s positive and spiritual energies for its betterment. 

A suitable date and time for the Griha Pravesh Puja are sought for this beautiful moment for a family.

The devotees wore traditional clothes while performing the Grihaj Pravesh puja in their homes. Below is a list of clothes and their significance, along with their importance and work. 

Clothes to be Worn by Men

Sovale is a knot tucked in five places. These five places are traditionally known as Pancha- Mahabhuta-  Pruthvi (Earth), Apa (Water), Tej Fire), Vayu (Wind), and Akaash (Sky).

This religious and auspicious knot is tied in the place of the Navel. 

The Panchprans (Five Vital energies) are targeted across the center of the navel region and are activated because of the continuous pressure from the knot. 

These folds disseminate the rapid use of the universe and the Panchamahabhutas in the surrounding environment as needed. 

Silk clothes of various light colours must be worn after praying, and the mool Chaitanya, the divine consciousness, is incorporated into them. 

Nine-yard Saree Worn by Women

The nine-yard saree is a traditional dress worn by married women while praying and practising this Griha Pravesh puja. The Hindu religion respects women wearing sarees, which are traditional dresses worn during prayer and are practised in all conventional pujas. 

Compared to other clothes and outfits women wear while practising the Griha Pravesh Puja, the saree can attract, transmit, and retire the Chaitanya in need. 

This helps the Deity Principal to work at the Vyasti, which is the individual. The level is propagated by the  Bhav-urja, which is the Energy of spiritual Emotions and feelings. 

The inner layer of the nine-yard layered saree conceits the Chaitanya, and the middle part consists of the Chaitanya’s imbibes. In contrast, the putter part of the nine-yard layered saree consists of the teaching of the Chaintanay and transmits its functions. 

Hence, wearing a saree while conducting any puja or the Griha Pravesh is a crucial practice that attracts attention and recruits positive energy with the consistency of spiritual and traditional respects. The knot tied at the end of the saree holds the Chaitanya with its importance and functions. The touch of Chaitanya triggers the Pancha-pran near the Manipura-chakra, and gradually, it extends all over the woman’s body traditionally.


Griha Pravesh puja is a heartwarming and essential puja according to the Hindu tradition and rituals. Griha Pravesh puja spreads positive energy and gives a good and spiritual start to the new life of the family and the house owner. This puja also helps reduce negative energies and the family’s peace, love, and devotion toward God.  

As discussed above, the attire worn by the men and women has a positive effect and respect for traditionalism and spirituality. Similarly, this puja signifies various other beneficial and important things for a family. Hence, in this guide, we discussed the dress code of the housewarming ceremony. We covered its significance, costs, and ways to do it.

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