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Cure your varicose veins issue with varicose vein injections


Bulging veins on your skin and other body parts can lead to several complications. Commonly known as varicose veins, this situation can affect your looks and your lifestyle comfort in different ways. Fortunately, there are separate ways in which you can treat the condition. Among the diverse treatment options varicose vein injections are a popular choice.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy or varicose vein injections is a successful and effective treatment approach when you treat smaller varicose veins. Recovery from this treatment is fast. However, you can take weeks or even sometimes months to see the results of the treatment. The chemical in the injection successfully irritates your vein in our lining and helps it to expand, forming a scar on your skin. The procedure helps to close the vein gradually, improving your body mechanism and the skin look of the affected area.

Suitable patients

Varicose vein injection application is not a random procedure and is unsuitable for every patient. Your vascular specialist will initially determine your suitability for the procedure before they prescribe sclerotherapy or varicose vein injections in your case. Any patient with a record of thrombosis is not suitable for this treatment. Further, pregnant women are unsuitable for this treatment procedure. Similarly, breastfeeding mothers are not ideal patients who can get a sclerotherapy treatment. In some cases, your healthcare provider will not do a sclerotherapy treatment on a vein, which can be imperative for a surgical bypass procedure in the future.

Preparations before the therapy

Your doctor will ask you to abstain from certain medicines before the therapy, such as antibiotics, Aspirin, Prednisone, etc. Taking any antibiotic can lead to skin stains from sclerotherapy. Similarly, anti-inflammatory drugs like Aspirin can go against the sclerotherapy mechanism, which mainly works on successful clothing of your varicose veins. Aspirin or any other form of Ibuprofen helps to make your blood flow freely and stop blood clotting. As for other guidelines, that you must follow before the therapy, avoid using any lotions or other cosmetics on your affected area. Additionally, wear comfortable fabrics on the skin area due to the treatment. Avoid uncomfortable clothes and Fabric that stick to your skin to experience better convenience.

The exact procedure

A complete chlorate therapy procedure takes about half an hour to 45 minutes. Your healthcare provider will select the chemical injection based on the varicose vein, which needs treatment and other health parameters. The doctors will begin the procedure by cleaning the specific area and stretching the skin to improve visibility. In the third and the final step the doctor will inject a form solution or other liquid chemical into your vein with the use of a fine needle. In most cases, sclerotherapy is a painless procedure in which you will feel no discomfort. However, in some situations, patients have reported the feeling of a needle pinch on the skin and mild discomfort in the area where the solution has just been injected. If a longer varicose vein is under treatment, you can feel occasional cramps or a burning sensation in the area.

Post-treatment situation

Once therapy is over, your doctor will ask you to rest for 15 minutes, to be sure of the adverse side effects absence or reactions. Varicose vein injection is a highly safe procedure, and you can recover within a few hours to resume activities like driving walking, and other regular functions in your life. You must avoid some medicines soon after the procedure like, Aspirin and other Ibuprofen forms. Abstain from taking hot baths, sauna, and other treatments, which can affect the treated skin area. Avoid hot compresses and exposure to direct sunlight for 48 hours after the treatment.

Treatment cost

Several factors like the skin clinic, dermatologist, your pre-treatment test, and post-treatment care arrangements, will affect the overall cost of your sclerotherapy procedure. Your varicose veins treatment cost can be covered by your insurance if the treatment is called for some medical reasons and not to change your aesthetic and looks alone. Top-rated skin clinics can help you with all the necessary paperwork to get complete assistance from your Insurance Company.

Follow doctors’ advice

Follow your doctor’s advice on the treatment for a secure and successful treatment approach. Do not consume food, drinks and medicines which your doctor ask you to avoid. If you experience any discount or adverse side effects after the treatment, report to your doctor immediately for further guidance. Discuss the matter with people who have already been through the process in their lives. These are the people who can give you better advice and relevant information. Read as much information on the topic to feel sure about the procedure. More information will help you follow the correct rules, before, during and after the procedure to help you enjoy best results.

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