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A Comprehensive Guide To Understanding IVM


Medical science has evolved with the advancement in technology. Modern science has helped various Industries achieve new milestones, including Assisted Reproductive Technology. The emergence of assisted reproductive technology has allowed individuals with fertility issues to have a child without any problem at the best IVF centre in Punjab. Individuals who wish to become parents but whose infertility is hindering the way can opt for various options to make their dreams come true. 

One of the many options available under assisted reproductive technology to achieve pregnancy is In Vitro Maturation (IVM). This method is different from In Vitro Fertilisation as it includes the maturation of the eggs outside of the body, decreasing the need for hormonal treatments and offering an easier and gentler approach towards conception. Whether you wish to start a new family or expand the existing one,  understanding the workings of IVM can allow you to take the right approach at the best IVF centre in Ludhiana

What Is In Vitro Maturation (IVM)?

IVM, or In Vitro Maturation, is a treatment for fertility that is less invasive in comparison to traditional IVF. Following is the step-by-step breakdown of the in vitro maturation process and the advantages it offers:

Initial Assessment

The candidates desiring to have a child undergo a thorough assessment of their body to check their overall health and identify whether the IVM treatment is suitable for them or not. 

Egg Collection

Under the process of IVM, the eggs are collected while they are immature, unlike IVF, where the oocytes are collected once they are mature enough. The collection of eggs takes place transvaginally with the help of a fine needle and ultrasound guidance.

In Vitro Maturation Oocytes

The initiation of maturation for the collected immature eggs is done by culturing them in nutrient-rich media. 

Maturation In The Lab

The eggs are then matured in the laboratory under a controlled environment. It is a process that takes about 24 to 48 hours at the best IVF centre in Punjab.

Sperm Collection

A sample of sperm is retrieved from the male partner.


After the eggs mature, they are fertilised with sperm, just like in a natural conception. 

Embryo Development

The eggs are then left in the laboratory for a few days, allowing them to develop into embryos.

Embryo Transfer

More than one healthy embryo is inserted into the uterus.

Benefits Of IVM Procedure

A number of benefits come along with In Vitro Maturation, such as: 

Minimal or No Ovarian Stimulation

The process of IVM only requires minimal to no stimulation, unlike the IVF process, which requires stimulation in the ovaries to mature the eggs.

Decreased Risk Of OHSS

The stimulation under the IVM process is minimal; therefore, it reduces the risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. 

Fewer Injections

Less needs for hormonal drugs lead to the requirement of fewer injections, which makes the process minimally invasive and less physically demanding.

Shorter Treatment Cycle

The treatment of IVM is significantly short in comparison to the process of IVF. The IVM process usually takes two weeks to complete. 


IVM is less expensive than the IVF treatment due to the amount of medications involved. 

Consideration Factors For IVM

Even though IVM comes with a number of benefits, it is not a perfect fit for everyone. Some of the key factors for consideration of IVM include:

  • Age and Egg Quality: The IVM treatment is highly suitable for women of young age with more viable oocytes.
  • Underlying Health Issues: The success rate of IVM can be affected by conditions such as severe male factor infertility.
  • Medical Assessment: It is crucial to undergo an overall health assessment to determine whether you are suitable for IVM treatment at the best IVF centre in Ludhiana.

Suitable Candidates For IVM

  • Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Young women with cancer.
  • Women are averse to hormone treatments. 

Factors Affecting Outcomes

  • Age.
  • Fertility health.
  • Egg and sperm quality.

Preparation For IVM Procedure At The Best IVF centre In Punjab

  • Lifestyle changes.
  • Nutritional considerations.
  • Mental Health.

IVM is a great alternative option to traditional fertility treatment. Among the number of treatments available for you to address your infertility issues, it is ideal to have a comprehensive understanding of all the options to choose the right treatment for you at the best IVF centre in Bathinda if you are trying to conceive but are not able to, consult a doctor to address your issues and find the best possible option.

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